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about us

Who is RBC?

Regional Business Connection Limited (RBC) is an integrated Business Delivery Company that is committed to business growth through provision of various high end, targeted and tailored Solutions for Individual Clients. We partner and collaborate with client organizations and relevant professionals to create a one stop shop for integrated Debt and Revenue Management and Collection Services, Capacity Building through Research and Training. We also do events Management, property sales and management

RBC commenced activities from 2010 as a registered name. In the year 2015, the company was fully incorporated into a limited company to enable it to achieve its long term vision of becoming a top professional business optimization and support solutions delivery company in East Africa through Debt Management, Revenue Collection, Property sales and Management, Events Management and Capacity Building.

About us

Our core values


We have a balanced team of in-house consultants and associates who are experienced in their various elds and have a track record of delivering results and solutions to clients.

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Value for Money

Our goal is to ensure that our clients derive the maximum value from our services and in the most efficient way possible.

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Client Focus

Our Client Charter denes our relationship with our clients. It is part of our creed.

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We are a learning organization. Continually striving to be ingenious and providing innovative solutions to our clients.

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We are a reliable;our clients can bank on us to deliver significant solutions at all times. Services Offered and Experience

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Thought Leadership

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To be the most reliable, effective, efficient and professional business optimization and support solutions delivery company in East Africa.


To maximize results through efficient and effective processes and methods geared towards excellence in business operations, optimization and revenue growth

Our services
RBC automated revenue Collection management

RBC collects revenue using latest revenue collection systems. We use an automated integrated delivery platform that enables various entities to collect revenue especially taxes for services offered.

The platform integrates mobile money and banks to provide residents with simple payments methods. It provides the residents with easy channels such as mobile, web and social media which they can use to access services and pay at their convenience.

It provides details dashboards and reports that allow for proactive monitoring, supervision and enforcement. Reports are provided on a real-time basis and daily reconciliations are done for all accounts.

Our services

Debt management

  • Debt portfolio analysis and management.
  • Tracing services
  • Debt collection services.
  • Monitoring and support in legal proceedings.
  • Preventive and reactive debt collection through telephone and other automated debt management systems.
  • Provision, installation and maintenance of revenue and debt management systems


We offer consultancy and Training services in the following areas among others

  • International and regional integration issues
  • Training on commercial negotiation skills
  • Training on entrepreneurship and marketing skills
  • Training on Debt and Revenue Management
  • Training on Public Finance Management
  • Change Management, Learning and growth


Our clientele range from Public Sector players, Micro to Small, Medium and large enterprises to individuals who are seeking to take their Operations to the next level. In today's business environment, no Organization is immune from Global economic pressures from either Government regulations or Policies; Industry trends, technological changes or demographic trends. In this regard, anything we do for our clients takes into consideration the current environmental trends. In the Public arena and more so in the Counties and local governments, we are currently collecting debts and revenue as our main area of specialization. We also collect for the private sector players such as insurance companies, banks etc